Eastmoreland Market


Nestled in an residential neighborhood a few blocks south of the Reed College campus, Eastmoreland Market really is an undiscovered gem in the far southern-central part of Portland’s southeastern quadrant. I presume it’s a loosely-kept secret amongst the locals, who include I assume many of the fortunate inhabitants of the palatial estates that comprise the Eastmoreland neighborhood that spills out west from the market. And I am going to go out on a limb and say these folks generally don’t have a lot of Yelp reviews under their belts.

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As the name suggests, this is a proper market. Consider it an upscale “bodega”, full of high quality brands and artisanal food finds.


In addition, they’ve got a full-on open kitchen setup from which serious fare is finely executed.


They make what I’ve considered to be the best sandwich I’ve had in my time in Portland — a super version of the venerable muffuletta.


Eastmoreland’s version comes stacked atop perfectly toasted ciabatta, replete with multiple layers of fine meats and cheeses complimented with a beautifully oily, spiced olive salad studded with slices of crisp celery. This is a sandwich nonpareil.

Eastmoreland Market & Kitchen

3616 SE Knapp St
Portland, OR 97202-8349
(503) 771-1186