It’s difficult to eat reverse spherical food family style

Alton Brown: Molecular gastronomy won’t replace cooking basics (Restaurant News)

“My worry about molecular gastronomy, especially with young cooks, is that they will try to use it to replace knowing how to cook food,” Brown said during his presentation. “Show me you can cook a chicken breast properly. Show me you can cook a carrot properly. Now do it a hundred times in a row. Then we can play around with the white powders.”

Molecular gastronomy, he added, is part of the cyclical evolution of food and cooking.

“It’s an interesting skill set, but you can’t live on it. It’s not food,” Brown said. “Don’t think you can replace cooking technique with throwing a whole bunch of flavors on top of something any more than you can making it into a caviar or making it into a foam. If I live the rest of my culinary life without a seeing another foam, I’ll be OK.”



Not really the kind of branding you want from a commercially produced emulsified forcemeat.

Set it and forget it

Cocoon Cooker Grows Meat and Fish from Heated Animal Cells. (Fast Company)

Here’s a food-related invention that is even weirder than the notorious Beanzawave: The Cocoon, a concept cooker that grows meat and fish from heated animal cells in a process that looks disturbingly similar to magic animal growing capsules.

Designed by Richard Hederstierna of the Lund Institute of Technology, Cocoon took first place today in the Electrolux Design Lab Competition. Hederstierna’s device uses RFID signals to discern the type of fish or meat inserted into the cooker. The meat’s muscle cells, nutrients, and oxygen are heated for a preset time, and voila, delicious meat is born, sans the whole killing animals part.

I’ve been waiting for this since I first read William Gibson’s Neuromancer.


I’m not sure how I missed this, but these crazy fuckers went a hundred squared at In-N-Out a while back.

So, so wrong. Yet…mystical.

Chestnut reprazents in OR

That’s 2/3 of a pound of pork every minute. (The Oregonian)

With his face and hands slathered in barbecue sauce and a stack of bare pork ribs sitting vanquished in front of him Sunday afternoon, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut showed why he is the world’s top competitive eater.

Ten days after devouring a world-record 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes at the annual Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest, Chestnut inhaled 7.65 pounds of barbecued pork rib meat in 12 minutes at the Chinook Winds World Rib Eating Championship to defend his title for the second straight year.

This guy is becoming the Wilt Chamberlain of competitive eating.

The excitement is palpable

Will Kobayashi suffer lockjaw meltdown in his quest for six straight titles? Will young upstart Joey Chestnut recapture lost American glory? Or will a slim, dark horse chanteuse — who goes by the name of Sonja — upstage the men on this day of our country’s glorious independence?

Does anybody know what I’m talking about?

The delicious Mr. Ed

We should eat horse meat, says TV chef Ramsay.

Gordon Ramsay is to shatter the last taboo of English cuisine by urging the public to eat horse meat.

The controversial chef claims horse meat is tasty and nutritious and should be part of the British diet.

But his call for horses, long revered as farm and racing animals, to be turned into dinner has sparked revulsion among horse lovers, animal welfare campaigners and vegetarians.