bio-pic.jpgI like to eat food.

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Favorite movies:
The Wild Bunch
Death Wish
Dirty Harry
Death Race 2000
Must Love Dogs
Favorite music:
Crunk Hits, Vol. 2 by Various Artists
Deck Shuffleboard and Tantric Yoga
Favorite Food:
Local Hangouts:
Mattress World
Marion’s Carpets
People I Admire:
Billy Mays
Dr. Jack and Rexella Van Impe
Fitness Celebrity John Basedow
John Scherer�Founder of Video Professor

Little known facts about me

  • I once ate an entire canister of Pringles CheezUms on a 22 hour train ride from Mazatlan, Mexico to Nogales, Sonora.
  • My first dog was a multi-generationally inbred Basset Hound that stole and ate an entire family-sized lasagna, a raw chicken, and nearly my right hand.
  • I have very little patience for eugenic reality shows, swedish fish, celebrity poker, predatory loan enthusiasts, or octogenarian grifters.

20 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi, can I use your “Semi-homemade theme based on Tarski” :) I dont know how to place a background and all that but I know to replace one :) so … if you want I will place a link to your guilty carnivore in return.

    PS: dont publish this post


  2. For the ultimate in meat dishes, try http://www.annamariavolpi.com and click on recipes, second courses, stuffed chicken. A whole chicken, deboned and left whole (not easy to do) then stuffed with beef, pork, chicken and mortadella (Italian bologna) and lots of other stuff. It’s kind of like a meatloaf encased in chicken. This is a great Italian dish you won’t find at Olive Garden or Pizza Hut, which would give it a name like “Chick Meaty.”

  3. I can see you have a bunch of comments by the Doc Chuck Contingentj – fucking lunatics all. Please disregard them and as a matter of fact, it would be great if you just deleted them from your blog – unless you keep them for comedic value. Doc Chuck has been stalking me for three years. Would you like to know why? Because he is in love with Sandra Lee, the non-cooking hack on TVFN. I have spoken out against her anytime I have a forum in which to do so and he hates me for that. Good for me!

    Anyway – if you want anymore details about this idiot or the measures we’re taking to get him stopped, hit me back on chiffonade@hotmail.com.

    Resume inhaling steer.


  4. Hey there –
    Salvador Molly’s is hosting a private, re-launch party (free food!!) and we’d like to invite you. If you email me your email address I’ll send you an invite.

  5. Tried the Banh cuon recipe, but it didn’t seem right. I used bottled cham dipping sauce. Then I tried pouring about 1/2 a cup of Sriracha into the bottle and shaking it up. Perfect! But then I got busted because my wife is Kosher and she figured out that the little red things in the rice rolls are shrimp. Even tho I kept telling her they were just little red things. I’m still looking for a substitute for the pork sausage I can bring into the house.

  6. Hey, I came across your blog a while ago looking for a blog about tacos. Can i just say best blog ever? Love the Vietnamese cooking tutorials, reminds me of my Ba Ngoai. Keep it up!

  7. We thought you should know about a cool promotion that Northwest Resource Federal Credit Union is doing this June – we think your readers would really benefit from hearing about it.

    Starting Monday June 1st Northwest Resource is sponsoring free desserts at two local downtown restaurants. Basically, for those who work or live downtown, there will be a chance to receive a free dessert with the purchase of a lunch. The catch is that there are only 10 given out a day and the server gets to decide who gets them.

    For the first week in June (the 1st through the 5th) McFadden’s will be giving out the desserts and for the second week in June (the 8th through the 12th) Sungari will be giving them out.

    Northwest Resource knows that eating out for lunch is common for people living or working downtown and giving out free desserts seemed like a good way to kick off the summer and help support local restaurants.

    We hope your readers find this beneficial and will take advantage of the promotion…who doesn’t like free food?

  8. Northwest Resource Credit Union is giving away FREE lunches to downtown Portlanders…all you have to do is be one of the lucky 20 people at the lunch carts below on those days who receive the lunch!

    Fuego – (burrito cart outside the credit union) give away lunches on Tues & Thurs. (Aug. 18th & 20th)

    Bro-Dogs – (hot dog stand on 5th, between Oak & Stark) give away lunches on Tues & Thursday (Aug. 25th & 27th)

    Poompui – (Thai cart on NW 8th & Couch) give away lunches on Tues and Thurs (Sept. 1st & 3rd)

  9. Reminder: Northwest Resource is giving away free lunches at downtown lunch carts! Check out the carts below and you may be one of the lucky people to get a free lunch!

    Fuego – (burrito cart outside the credit union) on Tues & Thurs. (Aug. 18th & 20th)

    Bro-Dogs – (hot dog stand on 5th, between Oak & Stark) on Tues & Thursday (Aug. 25th & 27th)

    Poompui – (Thai cart on NW 8th & Couch) on Tues and Thurs (Sept. 1st & 3rd)

    The Whole Bowl – (in the Pearl on Glisan) on Tues and Thurs (Sept 7th and 9th)

  10. Hey, Sanchez Taqeria is expanding into the next door location and a bakery is going into their place. I can’t believe how much they’ve grown. Their space went as far as the door when they first opened, then they expanded to where they are now…and voila! Huge space. The counter girl couldn’t say exactly when it would switch over but it sounded like soon. You probably already knew that. But in case you didn’t…

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