How Grill Mats Work

You ever come across an Item or thing that makes you wonder how you’ve been living without it? That is exactly the case when you’re introduced to grill mats for the first time.

If you’ve never heard of these must have grill accessory, don’t worry, you’ll know the important aspects of grill mats by the end of this article.

Basically, they’re thin sheets made from heavy duty PTFE free coated fabric that are non-stick and can withstand high temperatures without being damaged. The material is usually very flexible and lightweight and durable at the same time. They’re placed on top of regular grates on a grill or even inside an oven.

You can then cook food on top of it without risking it falling through the grates or to the bottom. Some foods are firm enough not to fall through the grates when grilling but there are other softer foods which break up and may fall through the narrow spaces between the grill grates.

It can be used on all types of grills; electric, gas, charcoal.

How grill mats help you cook Any food on the grill.

No need to skewer the veggies you’re about to cook when you have a grill mat. With this, you can make those awesome stir-fried veggies out on your grill which taste just about as great as any grilled meat. You can also pre-cook veggies for your pizza top. A clean grill mats also provides an uncontaminated space on the grill for vegetarian guests.

This is also efficient for cooking fish. This mat will prevent the fish from sticking and breaking up. If something wrong happens, the mat would also prevent the fish from falling onto the coals.

Have you ever tried to cook eggs on the grill but find it practically impossible because of the grill grates spacing? Well, this grill mat will be the perfect solution for you!  You just place it on top of your grill and you can basically grill just about anything you want.

This is made possible by the fact that the grill mats are flat (doesn’t haven’t those grates spacing) and is a very good heat conductor at the same time. This allows you to cook any food you want without risk of it falling through it.

When finished cooking, you just put it into the dishwasher to prevent those dirty marks on your food that occurs when the grill’s not clean.

Tips to remember when using grill mats

Make sure to keep the heat on low or medium when using it and not to expose it to temperatures above 5000F since they’ll start to break down and possibly contaminate the air and your food. They’re some who claim that the mats they’re selling can withstand up to 6000F. Do not try to listen to this as all grill mats are made of the same materials and cannot be used for temperatures above 5000F.

Don’t try to use metal tools with the mat. Using tools made from silicone or soft plastic are highly preferable. But remember, even when using tools made from silicon and soft plastic, do not scrape the surface of the grill mat excessively.

Don’t cook sticky sauces and other sticky foods on the grill mats as it will be very difficult to clean.

Use the grill mats to expand your grilling options instead of replacing techniques you were already working for you. Use them to grill things that would be highly difficult or impossible to grill otherwise or even grilling them in a hopefully better way, as I do here at Guilty Carnivore.