Grillmaster’s Top Tools

Have you tried grilling sometimes but the result is always disappointing? You’ve tried following multiple instructions / ingredients from the internet but something is always wrong? Well you better start considering if the problem is with the accessories you’re using or even lack of one.

Having the right accessories when grilling is one of the most important parts of the whole grilling experience. It will be the perfect thing that will turn you into a backyard grill master.

Not only will it make your whole experience easier, but it will elevate the level of cooking that will be done and the efficiency. There’s some accessories that you just can’t do without.

Some people don’t believe in using some grilling accessories because they’ve been cooking for a while and believe they don’t need them. Most of the time, the result is an okay meal. If they only used those accessories, the meal would be extraordinary.  For example, you’d find people waiting around for coals or occasionally biting into markedly undercooked or overcooked meat just because they don’t want to use a meat thermometer.

Now that you’ve seen the importance of grilling accessories, let’s head to top 3 grilling accessories. These 3 are just one of those items you can’t miss.


If you’ve never heard of grill mats, let me tell you, they’re a real food saver.

This accessory is used for when bits of food you’re cooking is lost through the grills or when you just don’t feel like scrubbing your grates any more.

They are water resistant and are highly flexible due to being made from fiberglass cloth coated with a synthetic nonstick material that has a high melting point.

Grills mats have different ranges of thicknesses. For those coveted grill marks on your food, you should get a thinner grill mat. The thinner ones can withstand temperatures up to 500F.

The thicker grill mats are much sturdier than the thin ones. They take longer to heat up but can withstand high temperatures up to 600F.

Most of these mats are available in a rectangular shape and can be cut down to a specific size if you have a smaller grill. Some are circular to fit kettle grills.


We all know the importance of ensuring your food is the same temperature as the room temperature before grilling it. This is where the defrosting tray comes in.

Thermodynamics says two objects of different temperature in contact with each other will try to become the same temperature. So, when you put the frozen food on the defrosting tray, the food’s temperature will increase to get to the room’s temperature.

So why use a defrosting tray? I mean the food would eventually defrost if I just get it out of the refrigerator and put it on any item.

Well, what makes a defrosting tray better than just any item is the material it’s made from. These items are made from materials such as aluminum and copper that have high ability to conduct heat. Because of that, they heat up quickly and cool off just as fast. This means they also come to room temperature quickly making it ideal for defrosting food fast before grilling it.

As the outer frost melts, the inner ice is now in contact with the surface of the defrosting tray making it melt to. And so, on and so on. This is my personal favorite tool


A grill brush may not be a glamorous item for grilling but is one of the most useful grilling accessories you’ll need. Every perfect meal starts with a clean grill. You can’t possibly hope to attain a great delicious meal without cleaning your grill. The remains of food that get left on the grill will cause a lot of problems for you when grilling. So, this item is just a must for all grill owners. The perfect solution is to clean your grill using a grill brush after every use.

However, the type of the grill brush is also very important. There are many different types of grill brush out there. A favorite for many grill owners is the nylon grill brush because of their many benefits and how it’s easy to get.

Some benefits of nylon brushes are:

  • They’re less likely to damage your grill since of their soft nature. They’re tough enough to remove stains/dirt without causing damage. Harder grill brushes are more likely to damage your grill when cleaning them.
  • Easy to clean after you’re done cleaning the grill.
  • They last longer than any other types