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ExtraMSG over at a while ago gave a firm shoutout to Canby’s Taqueria Uruapan. Considering I work in “SoPo” (or as the locals call it, “Wilsonville”) during the daylight hours I figured I’d drag a couple co-workers down to the see what was cooking in Portland’s southern hinterlands.


If you’ve never travelled into Canby proper before, it’s easy to miss as Uruapan is a bit adrift amongst the folksy anachronism that is rustic, downtown Canby. The taqueria nestles adjacent to a Burgerville, which is itself just beyond a Safeway strip mall (fronted by Quizno’s and Panda Express), and if you spot the Taco Bell you’ve driven too far.


Uruapan is pretty awesome inside. Allow me explain.



First, they got a menu picture board, which is the first thing you need to do in order to be awesome. Then there’s a Neo Geo arcade console to the left of the ordering counter. Personally, if I wanted to take a confident, second step towards being awesome, this would be a capital purchase I would strongly consider.


Next up is a jukebox stocked with the latest Sinaloan narco-ballads. Also a television is constantly tuned to Spanish telenovas. And there are babies just chilling out in their rocking chairs, or the employee/owner’s kids feeding quarters into the Neo Geo or just whimsically hanging out, all the time. All these things are awesome.


Then you see that there are two pool tables. They also serve beer. Not only has awesomeness been cemented, but we’ve entered a state of existence that cannot be pigeonholed with the rubrical inadequacy of merely awesome. Post-awesome.


Tacos are $1.25 here. Each includes two (2) tortillas, meaning each taco is double-wrapped. And they are great. And you get two. For each taco.


And when you order, each tortilla is handmade there on the spot, to order, one-by-one. Those ladies are hand making the tortillas and grilling up bits and pieces of flesh to crisp perfection as we speak. Well, not as we speak, as in this moment, but on that day, back then, when I had my iPhone and was hungry.

And oh what crispy nuggets of delicious taco joy these are. Some of the best asada I’ve had in my time in Oregon. The “pastor” analog here is actually adobada, which are grilled meaty pork nibs bathed in a bright red, deliciously oily marinade.


The condiments are excellent, and as you can witness are presented as sauces three, with sauce the third being an incredible avocado verde salsa that just earns this place more awesome stripes and gold stars.

Here are pictures of tacos in a various states of being.


urupuan_6.jpg urupuan_7.jpg urupuan_8.jpg urupuan_12.jpg urupuan_14.jpg urupuan_13.jpg urupuan_10.jpg

Restaurant Uruapan

851 SW 1st Ave (Hwy 99E)
Canby, OR 97013

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  1. I was going to leave a comment recommending La Tienda San Francisco in SoPo, but when I googled it to get the address your past post was one of the first hits! Definitely want to check out Uruapan.

  2. Hi, moved here from Tucson last month, any recommendations for us? We live in N/NE Near MLK Jr Blvd and Killingsworth.
    Notable eats so far: Tasty N Sons, Pok Pok, Bunk, La Sirenita, Pine State, Le Pigeon, Navarre, Lovely’s Fifty Fifty, Sanchez Taqueria, Chef Naoko Bento.
    Places we were not thrilled by: Karam, Clyde Common, Biwa.
    We’re going to hit up Toro Bravo for a snack/drink tomorrow…
    Any secret spots or ideas for where to venture next would be much appreciated, thanks! Cheaper eats especially…

  3. oh yeah, if you do have any suggestions, email ’em to us at
    prefijomio at aol dot com
    thanks again

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