<>AybalaAybla nestles itself amongst the conurbation of food carts downtown near the intersection SW 10th and Oak.

As this prominently displayed sign attests, they serve Portland’s best gyro. Although I haven’t had every gyro sandwich in the metro area, I would have to say this boast is probably not too far off the mark.

AybalaAybla does the standard “Kronos” style gyro, as this photo of a rapidly diminishing cone o’ meat demonstrates. The gyro provisions at AybalaAybla are generally shaved a bit thicker than most Kronos joints, and crisped real well. They seem to have a less processed/generic flavor than your standard mystery meat, but that could be just wishful thinking. I’m quite positive they don’t fashion that huge cone o’ meat themselves; most likely—like every Kronos gyro cone establishment east or west of Crete—the meat is factory prefabbed from refuse cuts, pure fat, and various binder agents, and most likely shipped from the same import distribution center in north Jersey or the south side of Chicago with involvement of various degrees by the mafia.

The gyro mob likewise also probably strong arms the forceful distribution of these ubiquitous sandwich wraps. The branding on this wrapper matches neither the restaurant in question, nor the general geographic vincinity. It is therefore hilarious.

But the real hawt action at AybalaAybla isn’t the gyro sandwich, anyhow, it’s the kefta kebab.

Here’s the menu (click to view larger version).


925 SW Alder
SW 5th and Oak
Portland, OR


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3 thoughts on “Aybla”

  1. Two syllables? All this time I’ve been using three it’s become ingrained in my consciousness. Fuck them, they don’t know what they’re doing.

  2. They used to have a cart here in the SoWhat on the Food Cart Dock, but they left and we’re still mourning the loss.

    Even as we order tri-tip sandwiches from the Rip City cart, which are awesome!

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