BBQ pork bánh mì


I’ve described my process for making unnaturally red char sui bbq pork. Here’s what you can do with it. Make a sandwich.

I’ve made bánh mì on this blog a couple times in the past. Here’s a bbq pork bánh mì, with the requisite radish and carrot garnish, that, incidentally, if you leave to marinate on the counter at room tempurature for more than a few hours it will then smell like crusty taint seeped in an ass perfume.


Ass Salad

  • Equal parts daikon radish and carrots (julienned, roughly—I prefer flatter pieces)
  • Rice vinegar and sugar (1 tablespoon sugar for every 1/2 cup of rice vinegar)

Combine and mix thoroughly. Allow to assify at room temp for an hour or two and then stick in the fridge.



For me, I need cilantro, jalapenos (preferably sliced length-wise), cucumber (essential), pickles, and Maggi.

I also usually prefer to sub in a conventional french roll from a local bakery, as opposed to a Viet/French bakery, whose crust I feel aren’t substantial enough to agnonizely pierce the top of my mouth. Label it gastronomic S&M, if you will.


Slice up your char sui pork. Assemble the sandwich. I like to lightly toast the bread.


A fully dressed sandwich. One of those rare moments in life where you think maybe all of it is really worth it.

3 thoughts on “BBQ pork bánh mì”

  1. You know, I prefer the airy and less substantial crust of Vietnamese baguettes to artisanal or crusty french loaves for banh mi because they don’t overwhelm the meat and vegetable filling. Perhaps I’m not the epicurean s&m type.

  2. Oh man, I can’t wait to make this. Although it’s missing one crucial ingredient from my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in OKC, Lang’s Bakery. Dark yellow mayonnaise. I think they make it fresh, or they break every rule in the mayo safety book!

  3. We do the same aswell, buying meat whole from the local farmer. I like to support him, even if it is a more expesnive than the shop, because I know exactly how and where it is made, I know I’m not contributing to our carbon footprint or something. These meat recipes are good, I found.

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