King Burrito


King Burrito, located on the south side of Lombard in North Portland (west of Greeley, just east of Peninsular), is a prototypical taqueria that has gained a following for serving massive burritos. Seriously, a burrito from this place probably packs enough heft and calories to feed a sub-Saharan household for a week or to sedate a large bear for a season’s hibernation.

But this is a taco survey, not a burrito survey. I won’t talk about burritos any more.

When I first moved to North Portland, I was pleasantly surprised that the tacos from King Burrito simply weren’t awful. Now that I’ve discovered other taco joints in the area (and have had my eye on a heretofore unchartered taco truck just half a mile down the road), I don’t really feel the need to return.

The primary knock is that King Burrito’s fare is overly greasy. I’m not really a health nerd, but a preponderance of seemingly random grease where there need not be will occasionally turn me off, much like a hot chick who farts repeatedly.

But King Burrito’s tacos aren’t bad, by any means. They are well constructed and cheap ($1.25). The table sauces are a bit bland. If you go on weekends, they will have chopped onions and cilantro (set out for Menudo) that you can help yourself to. It’s kinda dingey, and always packed, though (see burritos, huge).


Carne asada. King Burrito serves theirs with guacamole, so that’s a bonus. But what’s up with that guac?


It’s a weird, pale color, and overly creamy, as if it’s cut with mayo.


The pastor. These are really greasy — when I got them to go one time, you could really see a sheen of oil that soaked into the wrapper, rendering the paper translucent. I have a feeling that the pastor is simply grilled bits pork shoulder, that is then kept in achiote oil.


The carnitas. The carnitas at King Burrito is pretty good, and, surprisingly, the least greasy? Go figure.


Fully dressed taco.

King Burrito
2924 N Lombard St
Portland, OR 97217

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  1. I just wanted to mention that the guacamole is much better now–I went there about two summers ago and noticed what you’re talking about, but as of yesterday and the day before it seems to be solidly fresh-avocado-based instead.

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