Pok Pok update

The End of Times is near! Well, the end of Pok Pok 1.0, anyhow. Pok Pok is Portland’s very own Thai hut whose reputation is reaching mythic proportions.

Mr. Pok Pok tells all at PortlandFood.org. August will be a month of hibernation for the Pok Pok, and in September it will retool before opening as a mere semblance of its former self.

pok pok will close for the month of august. the last day of service for july will be the saturday the 29th. during that time, we will move the production kitchen from the basement to upstairs in the house and finish building out the new dining room and service facilities in the basement… plus sneak off to thailand and environs for a couple weeks to buy stuff and solidify recipes and menu ideas. we will reopen the shack the first week of september and the new dining room later that month, if all goes as planned. along with the new indoor seating and full liquor license will come an expanded menu, mostly thai but touching on other cuisines of the region. don’t worry, we’re not getting fancy on you; it’ll still be simple fare that goes well with beer and whisky served in a simple but more sheltered setting. thanks much, andy.

Andy assures us they are not “getting fancy on” us…I for one cheer the earnestness. Touching on other cuisines in the region sounds mighty interesting…Malaysian? Vietnamese? Cambodian? Burmese?

Looks like the clock is ticking on Pok Pok 1.0 Shack Edition – you’re on notice.

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  1. Carnivore – I had my last minute Pok Pok fix last night. We ordered up nearly everything on the menu (including the specials, pork ribs and grilled corn). As always, everything was amazing. It’s going to be a VERY rough August…

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