Bush The Decider…on dinner

Middle East erupts into chaos; Bush concerned with some good eats.

Whole roast wild boar…who can blame him?

With the world’s most perplexing problems weighing on him, President Bush has sought comic relief in a certain pig.

This is the wild game boar that German chef Olaf Micheel bagged for Bush and served Thursday evening at a barbecue in Trinwillershagen, a tiny town on the Baltic Sea.

“I understand I may have the honor of slicing the pig,” Bush said at a news conference earlier in the day punctuated with questions about spreading violence in the Middle East and an intensifying standoff with Iran about nuclear power.

The president’s host, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, started a serious ball rolling at this news conference in the 13th-century town hall on the cobblestone square of Stralsund. But Bush seemed more focused on “the feast” promised later. “Thanks for having me,” Bush told the chancellor. “I’m looking forward to that pig tonight.”

Ha ha ha, ha ha, bwah ha. Ahem. Ummm…