A visitor’s take on Portland

Über food blogger takes on the Rose City.

Kirk runs mmm-yoso!!!, a San Diego-based food blog that sets a new bar in comprehensiveness. His Vietnamese cross-section is amazing.

He recently visited Portland and details all aspects of his visit and food experiences in our fair city. Park Kitchen, Pok Pok, Murata, and our sea of downtown food carts are profiled.

I’ll be visiting San Diego next week for a wedding, I wonder if there’s anything good by the beach outside of the overpriced, touristy and gimmicky joints like George’s at the Cove or the Rusty Pelican? Though I do remember back in the late nineties I used to get a pretty good $3 happy hour lobster taco at World Famous in Mission Beach.

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  1. Hi GC – My advice enjoy the beach during the day….and recently, it’s been really hot! Have a burger at Hodads, maybe some Gaijin Sushi at Surfside – and then head inland for dinner. BTW, we have a legion of self-defined “beer snobs”, who claim the Liars Club in Mission Beach has the best local beer ontap…don’t know about that after my visit to PDX. But the Pub Grub is ok.


    If you want Asian, let me know….it’s far and few between in SD, but there are some worthwhile places.

    Thanks for the link!

  2. Thx for the great suggestions Kirk. I forgot about Surfside – they were a steak-house only for most of the time I lived in Mission/Pacific Beach/La Jolla.

    I think I’m going to hit a Japanese superstore near the 805/163 crossover – forgot the name – for some ramen, and I think that will be the extent of my Asian. No time to hit some of my old Pho haunts, as I’ll be engaged in ongoing wedding and social engagements.

    I’ll check out the Liars Club – in fact, the old gang is going to get together when we all hit town – this place looks perfect. Thx for the tip!

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