King Burrito

The name sounds pretty generic and tweed suit salesman-y (“We won’t be undersold! We’ll match any price on a comparable burrito, or the burrito is free!”), but King Burrito on North Lombard is a pretty good find.

King Burrito is a non-descript storefront, located just west of Greeley on the south side of Lombard. There really isn’t a discernable sign, which is probably why I’ve missed it in the past.

Today I picked up a asada taco ($1.25), pastor taco ($1.25), and taquito ($1.75), as well as a bean, cheese and rice burrito for the Mrs. I was pleasantly suprised. The asada taco came with guacamole and chopped tomatoe, onion, and cilantro. The asade was flavorful, much like the street tacos in Mexico. The pastor was bright red, probably from annoto, and very tasty as well. The taquitos, normally an afterthought item, we’re good – and came with a generous portion of creamy guacamole.

The burritos are super cheap, at around $3-4, and from what i can tell, quite large. They come enchilada style for 75 cents extra.

They serve Menudo, at least on the Saturday I visited. There is no salsa bar, but chopped cilantro/onion mixtures are provided as garnish, as are dried crushed chilis and dried oregano (for soup entrees). Verde and red sauces (in squirt bottles) are available with your order.

The tacos were on the greasy side, but very good. I’m pretty stoked this place is just down the street – for North Portland taco options, I think this place beats El Burrito Loco.

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