I bought a new toaster oven

I recently purchased this digital convection toaster oven from Cooking.com. It is nice enough, and has different buttons to activate 1, 2, or 4 slice settings. Ovens I’ve had in the past usually toasted unevenly, I believe this ingenious solution addresses this. The frozen bread setting worked ok – you’re probably better off defrosting in the microwave for a few seconds regardless.

The only weird thing is that there are only 5 temperature settings–180, 250, 320, 400, and 470 Farenheight. This seems kinda stupid – the 180 is pretty useless, and ideally you’d want some iterations between 320 and 400, and 400 and 470. But I’m not planning on doing all that much actual cooking in this thing – for toasting and quick broils, the thing works like a champ.

Digital convection oven with frozen bread setting.

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