Get ready to visit the wild side!

I'm the guilty carnivore

Detailed history and Easy receipes for all meat lovers!

Join me on a carnivourous journey

Hi – my name is Jennifer Alderman and I’ve been living an unbelievable life, traveling the world and documenting all the incredible food I have tasted (see the beside picture for one of my favorite steak dishes!).

I was a vegan but have since turned to loving to grill – aka the Guilty Carnivore!

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Why is grilling so important to me?

One of the best quotes I ever heard about grilling is:
“Good food brings good people together”
As a former vegan, I love animals. But as a griller now – I STILL love animals. But in a guilty way. My passion for grilling stems from how its a form of social companionship.

What are the secrets to my grilling?

1) Having a Passion for Grilling

It should come as no surprise that the biggest secret is a passion to grill – without it, its a fruitless endeavor.

2) Investing in good tools


I love grilling on charcoal grills, so I use tongs, a fire starter, and of course, the best offset smoker!

3) Practice, Practice, Practice


Whoever came up with that saying, they knew exactly what they were saying! Grill master = practice

4) Relax and Enjoy


I love relaxing after grilling. One of my favorite things to do is watch Pit Boss on my TV. I recently mounted my TV and its amazing! If you need any help, TV Install Atlanta have a great guide on mounting!